Bespoke private travel. Airplane or Helicopter? Where do you want to go?

A Diverse Fleet of Aircraft

ConnectJet™ utilizes the latest state-of-the-art aircraft with the most modernized, safety-equipped cockpits. Whether its by Airplane or Helicopter, our diverse fleet of aircraft have the capability to accomplish almost any mission. Add in plush, modern, and well appointed interiors to maximize the comfort and class of your journey, and we promise that you’ll be left with an experience that is unmatched.

The Most Qualified Pilots

Our Ownership and Management team at ConnectJet™ is not interested in cutting corners or costs at the expense of safety. This allows us to adapt the most stringent of standards when it comes to sourcing contract pilots for our missions. With experience requirements that are more than twice that of most major airlines, extensive background checks, and a comprehensive in-house approval program, our pilots are prepared.

A Safety-First Culture

The standard practices and procedures utilized by our team help to ensure the maximum level of safety on every flight. Whether it’s ensuring that we have a fleet of newer aircraft with the latest safety systems, reducing our mission risk tolerances below what is incorporated into traditional industry practices, or, simply encouraging smart decision making by our pilots, your safety is our only priority.

“ConnectJet™ made the mission critical and time sensitive travel needs in repositioning our team of Fire Fighters seamless, efficient, and complete.”

Casey, Capitol Helicopters

“WOW! We were picked up in a helicopter at our estate, flown to a runway, boarded a jet, and zipped to our vacation home in Cabo. All I can say is WOW!”

Matt, Shinn Estate Vineyards